Atari STE

Info on Atari 1040 STe


Take Apart Order


Floppy Format

Cover right side hole with tape to make it DD. In Windows go to command line and type:

How to make Samples (digidrums)

In Audacity do the following:

Load up 525 in Hatari (or real ST) and do the following:

In MaxYMiser



Formula for BPM:

(15 * Freq) / Speed = BPM

Up/Down Hex

DMA Channels

DMA channels can be set to 1ch, 2ch or Natural (or off) in the Config menu.



Beatbox vol 1&2
Crazy Q's drum machine samples. Includes samples from:

Five to Five (525)
ST utility to convert sound files (see above on use with digidrums)


GBS-8200 is used, can use VGA cable. Pinouts:



Atari Video Connector DIN13 (female):

For Atari to VGA cable for GBS-8200, connect the following:

AtariGBS VGAType
See Below13C-Sync

C-Sync C-Sync can be obtained by connecting H and V-Sync from the Atari video output, on pins 9 and 12. Care should be done to add resistors or some circuit to not overload the Atari.

That said, the Atari also has it's own internal C-Sync on Pin 6 of U211 (chip that is piggybacked on the bottom near RAM). The problem is getting it out of the Atari. One idea is to an attach it to a Printer cable on Pins 10, 12 or 13 with a clip, and make a printer connector just for it as part of a bigger video connector.

Another option is to use the C-Sync on pin 2 of the Atari video output, however on STe it adds the video itself. The C-Sync rides on this so it may be possible to have the GBS-8200 "see" it, but this needs to be tested. If it works, This would be the pinout:

AtariGBS VGAType

Powering GBS-8200 It required 5v at 2Amps. It will technically run from the 5V rail on the Joystick ports, but those run at 275 mA and will probably overload the Atari. Currently using a 9v, 1A rated power supply, might need to look for a different one. Better to use a wall wart than the Atari as no risk of screwing up Atari.

Build C-Sync circuit Could build a C-Sync circuit to put in the box with GBS-8200, power from wall wart on the circuit and also input into GBS-8200. More complicated and STE already has built in so may as well just use it.

Cleaner STe Audio

The correct pins of the LM1992 are the front output ones with number 14 and 16.

Schematic is to be done for both R and L channels.

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