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Back when I was reviewing video games, I received a lot of game magazines, usually for free as one of the benefits of writing my column. As such, I amassed quite a pile of vintage game magazines. Like my game collection, I split the freebies with my co-author, thus while he ended up with a rather large TurboPlay and GamePro stash, I was able to horde most of the EGM's and Sega Visions mags.

I've been slowly trying to document and archive what I own, as well as fill in some of the gaps that are missing. Other than Next Generation, I try to only collect magazines that were released pre-'95, before the internet took over. Right now I'm focusing on completing my Next Generation, Sega Visions/Team Newletter and EGM (up to issue 60) collections specifically.


Electronic Gaming Monthly


Game Players

Game Players Strategy Guide


Mega Play

Next Generation

Lifecycle 1

Lifecycle 2

Nintendo Power


Sega Visions

Super Gaming


The Team Sega Newsletter


Video Games & Computer Entertainment


Various misc game mags and suplimentals.

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