High Scores

The following is a listing of the top scores I've achieved in certain games, listed alphabetically by name. It's more for my own stat tracking purposes than anything, and is certainly not a comprehensive list.

One interesting thing of note in this list however is my score for R-Type on the Sega Master System. This score was accomplished back in 1989, and is the top score in the world, according to Twin Galaxies, the official keeper of video game high scores. It was also published in issue #6 of EGM magazine.

Alien CrushTurboGrafx-1620,053,800
Bump 'N JumpArcade18,764
Devil's CrushTurboGrafx-1617,269,800
Devil's Crush (Slow)TurboGrafx-1629,953,600
Donkey KongArcade18,900
Donkey Kong 3Arcade44,000
F-Zero (Mute City)SNES2:06:28
Gradius VPlaystation 2318,730
League BowlingArcade224
Mars MatrixArcade1,045,695,720
Mr. Do!Arcade90,700
R-TypeMaster System1,016,300
Zoo KeeperArcade110,780
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