My Priest on Gorgonnash

Shield Spec vs Utility Spec

Shield spec will mainly use PW:Shield to mitigate damage. There are some issues with this however:

As such, shield spec seems to be of limited use, because PW:S should be more of a situational spell (when dmg is coming in faster than you can heal).

Lvl 80 Spec

Here is the talent tree I'm going for at 80, with an explanation of each item:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Tier 5

Tier 6

Tier 7

Tier 8

Tier 9

Tier 11

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Spell Use

The usage of spells while healing has changed a bit since lvl 70. Here are the basic spells to use and how to use them:

This will become my main heal. It fully procs Grace which means I should always have 6% more added to every heal and the tank should always be taking 3% less dmg. That's almost a 10% swing just by using it once. Since each bolt can crit, both Divine Aegis and Inspiration should be up often. If DA procs, it means I might be able to wait out the cooldown (especially if it procs twice on one channel and stacks itself). Inspiration can last almost two cooldowns, so it should almost always be up on the tank. Because of this it pays to use it even if the tank doesn't need it, just to keep up Grace, DA and Inspiration. If you can wait out the cooldown, you can regen almost all of the mana it takes to cast it. Also, because of the proc buffs, it comes in handy pre-pull.

Greater Heal
Greater Heal is to be used right after Penance if incoming dmg is great. Still our best heal, and a crit will proc a huge DA shield. Alaways choose Penance over GH if it's up though, as Penance is only a 2 sec cast, heals just as much, heals faster (channeled) and costs half as much mana as GH.

Large constant dmg can be evened out with renew. This can help wait out the penance cooldown if there's steady damage that's just a bit too much. Also the best heal to cast on players that do NOT have aggro and need healing.

Prayer of Mending
This used to be the bread and butter heal, but no longer. PoM now generates threat for the priest, not on the person it's on. As such you CANNOT use it on a pull or you will grab aggro right away. However, this change opens up a new possibility for it. If non-tank players keep getting aggro (or there is a lot of AOE), PoM is excellent. Since threat goes to the priest now, you are not exacerbating the problem of aggro on players, yet you have a good heal to bump around with those weird mobs that just like to randomly target people.

Prayer of Healing
AOE heal. Situational. At least 3 players need healing for this to be worth the mana (it's expensive). It also has a long cast (3 secs). Perfect for one-pulse AOE dmg. Best part now is it acts like 5 separate heals at once, meaning each players heal could crit, procing Diving Aegis and Inspiration on those players that it happens to crit on (at least one person is basically guaranteed a crit based just on general odds).

Power Word: Shield
This is supposed to be the main way to "heal" in Disc, but because of what I wrote above, I'm not specing into it. As of now this is my "oh shit" button. Shield goes up if someone is close to dying and I need some time to get a heal off. It would be more beneficial if speced into it (mana/dmg absorbed would be close to Greater Heal in effectiveness), but I save between 11 and 13 points by not doing so.


Unfortunately there aren't a lot of glyphs for my style of play as described above. Here are some I've been looking at though.



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