Vesicular Basalt

Vesicular Basalt is a punk rock band from Appleton, WI, whose shows I used to go see in the early 90's. The first time I saw them was at The Rock in Sturgeon Bay, WI when they played with local band Shades of Green. Matt Case, the drummer for Shades (and one of the best drummers I've ever heard) was pretty hyped for the show, because of how great Vesicular's drummer was. Indeed, he was right, not only was Vesicular's drummer great, he also was the lead singer of the band.

Below is a discography of their work. If anyone comes across this and has other recordings by VB, please contact me, I'd be very interested in them.

He Once Was Clay

1988 (Tape)

1. Take It Easy
2. Spit On It
3. Together We Stand
4. Great Gadsby
5. Freedom
6. Out Of Sight
7. Thinking
8. Independent
9. Livin' Lovin' Maid
10. Electric Catfish

Skeeball Was Good To Me

1990 (Tape)

1. Sparnfarkle Madness
2. Milk
3. Ouch
4. Ephraim's Closet
5. Friends
6. Humpback Judi
7. Matt, You Lose
8. Donut Farm
9. Pinball Wizard

30 Minute Workout

1991 (Tape)

1. Cheap Jeans
2. Tina
3. Beastiality
4. Chimp
5. The Gift
6. Knod Even
7. Lavey's
8. Closing Number


1991 (7" Record, #756/1000)

1. Ouch
2. Drel
3. 3-Pointer
4. Tateworm

Topsoil 1992

1992 (CD Compilation)

1. 3-Pointer

Tailgate Party

199? (CD Compilation, not sure the exact date, but it came before Lambda)

1. Just Plot
2. Noody Bar

Lambda Lambda Lambda

1994 (CD)

1. Prolegomenon
2. Load
3. Blow Your Own Horn
4. Just Plot
5. Tina
6. Cape Horn
7. Wollworth's
8. Miss Understood Childhood
9. Big Wheels
10. Noody Bar
11. Vaginal Technician 2000
12. After The Show
13. Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night

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