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50/50 Kiosk

Custom touchscreen kiosk for the exhibition 50/50: Audience and Experts Curate the Paper Collection at Walker Art Center. Because the exhibition was hung salon style, normal wall labels could not be used. This kiosk provides the information normally found on walls labels for patrons.

The kiosk reflects the artworks on the walls of the gallery. Users swipe the "walls" back and forth to find the work they want more information on, and then tap the artwork to see detailed text about the object as well as a larger image of it.

In-gallery photo © Walker Art Center.

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Best Buy Gift List

Public facing mobile site for the Best Buy Gift List feature on their mobile app. Users of the mobile app can share their gift lists with friends via Twitter, Facebook or email. The links from each take you to these mobile landing pages that people can take with them to stores as a shopping list, or buy right from the phone itself.

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Walker Art Center "Better"

Prior to my departure as Senior New Media Designer at the Walker Art Center I worked on a project code-named "Better". "Better" was a full redesign and rethinking of the Walker website. The previous site had the concept of "neighborhoods" which were visually distinct areas of the website. The redesign would consolidate the design into one overarching Walker theme modeled after our print magazine (which was being redesigned in tandem with the website).

A major goal of the design was to push writing and articles more than before. We were trying to move the museum beyond the events and artwork it contained and position the Walker as a leader in art journalism and promotion around the globe.

I left the Walker previous to the completion of the project which would finally launch over a year later. Many of the original ideas brainstormed made it into the final website relaunch.

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50/50 Voting App

For the Walker Art Center exhibition 50/50: Audience and Experts Curate the Paper Collection, patrons of the museum were asked to vote on a set of artworks with the top vote getters being included in the show. This iPad web app (also usable on phones and desktop browsers) was a simple and effective way to get users to quickly and easily vote on works and see the current results in real time.

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Benches and Binoculars Kiosk

A touchscreen kiosk designed and built for the Walker Art Center exhibition Benches and Binoculars.

The kiosk computer is an HP TouchSmart with Windows Vista. It's running a special version of Google Chrome with a kiosk mode patch compiled in. As such the interface itself is an interactive website built on traditional web standards.

The interface shows the artworks on two large walls in the galleries. A user can move the "walls" left and right, and then tap on an artwork to bring up detailed information on the object.

Kiosk cabinet designed and built by the Walker carpentry shop.