Trog Prototype

Most of the games I received when reviewing video games were in consumer form and had proper packaging, labeling, etc. One of the few games I received without this was Trog for the NES. The main difference here is notable. There is no cartridge arwork, instead they rubber cemented a piece of paper onto the cart (which, as you can see, has discolored and started to peel off over time). They also sent along photo copies of the design proofs for the instruction manual (notice the old school paste-up layout of the manual). No box of any kind was included.

Also along with game was a letter from Acclaim stating that yes, this was indeed a prototype. It's not often you get proof of authenticity with prototype games of any kind. This is by far the rarest game I own. In fact, as far as I'm aware it's the only prototype of Trog in existence.

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