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I started playing World of Warcraft (my first MMO) on January 30, 2005 at the request of a friend of mine who works for Vivendi (which happens to own Blizzard). A lot of Vivendi guys were playing Horde characters, thus, that's the side I started on. What follows are my experiences in the game and a chronicle of what has happened during my time there, mostly through Vanilla (lvl 60).


Vesicular - Level 71 - WoW Armory

Vesicular is my main character, a Tauren Shaman. His build is full dual wield Enhancement spec.

From the beginning I made sure to take screen grabs of Vesicular's progress through the game every two levels. Below you can see his progress in the initial trek to lvl 60:

Shokoti - Level 70 - WoW Armory

Shokoti is my alt Undead Priest. She's speced half Disc, half Holy, basically spirit spec and is the main healer for the guild. The name comes from one of the evil women characters from He-Man.

Shokoti eventually transferred to Steamwheedle Cartel and is now named Mir.

Gusso - Level 25 - WoW Armory

Gusso is my alt Undead Mage. He's currently frost speced. I made Gusso when my wife started playing and made an Undead female Mage named Gussa. We leveled together, her fire spec, me frost. Gusso sits in limbo as Gussa is currently in storage.

Non - Level 25 - WoW Armory

Non is my alt Orc Warrior. He's currently working down the Fury spec tree. I mostly made him to play with some of the lowbies in our guild and help them along. I don't really see leveling him much past 30 if even that far.

Stabem - Level 19 - WoW Armory

Stabem is my PvP twink Orc Rogue. Her name comes from an episode of Red Dwarf where Rimmer tries to cover up getting caught asking a skutter to stab someone by responding "Oh, have you met Stabem?". The goal with Stabem is to make the best lvl 19 twink I can. She will never level beyond this.


I've been a part of a guild for all but about 5 days since I started playing the game. Here's the guilds I got into, and how.

No Talent

No Talent was the guild my buddy was in, and I was invited to it after about 5 mins into the game. I actually didn't know what was going on at the time I was invited and thus turned down the first invite. I got it eventually. The name was pretty lame, but we were one of the larger guilds at the time.

I was not privy to flared tensions going on, however, one night things erupted and several members left the guild. After that it was a mass exodus. People joining other large guilds, and some creating a new one together. I left when my friends did, which was around April of '05.

Brill Bone Collectors

BBC was started by the Vivendi guys after the No Talent imploded. Their rule at first was only Vivendi guys, thus I was not invited right away. I used this time to actually play the game in a different light, without a guild. After a while the BBC guys caved and started inviting others into the guild, at which time I joined up. Membership grew fast, as people in the guild wanted to do large instances like Molten Core. At its peak BBC was pushing 200 members. In July of '05 we started MC runs, which I started in Aug when I hit 60. I also designed and built the guild website at the time.

After a couple months of doing MC, some of the veterans got tired of the grind. It was a slow trickle as one by one people started to leave. We hadn't done MC in a month and those in the guild solely to do the instances got worried. It was around this time that I started to think about making my own guild with my buddy Dave (Symbioid). However it was also at this time that BBC made me an officer, so I felt I owed something back to the guild.

What I did was basically take charge and try to set up some replacements for the departed officers. Nobody really knew it at the time, but I was thinking of leaving as well. I put five new officers in charge. Once that was agreed upon and set, I left the guild. This was in Sept of '05.

It wasn't much after that time that things started to turn a bit sour in BBC. Most of the same things that happened to No Talent happened to BBC, only this time BBC evenly split. A lot of people went to Umbral Sect which was a new guild then, but many also stayed in BBC and are still in the guild.


Dave and I had the idea of getting away from the big huge raiding guilds and just doing our own thing, casually. I started by getting the guild made and then Dave joined. This happened on Oct 1, '05. We're both the only officers of the guild, and Shokoti is the guild master. For the name, we chose Dopplegang, which was a joke from high school about a funny name for a gang that Dave had.

The guild started out with three basic rules. Friends of friends from real life only (which gives people a vested interest in the guild), no slander or bigotry (which is common in most guilds) and no Rogues. Dave and I don't much care for the Rogue class, and so we threw the last rule in as somewhat of a joke. However, we've since changed our stance and have our first Rogue. The first two rules remain however.

So far things have been wonderful. We're a small but close group. It's easily the best guild I've been in. Morale is high and everyone is having fun working together. But it's a casual guild, so there should be little problems.


I've taken a fair number of screen grabs throughout the game. Here are some of the more interesting ones most of which are from the pre-Dopplegang era.

World Events

Random things I took pics of in the world, from the fun to the bizarre.

With Friends

Playing with people you know is one of the best parts of the game. Here's some pics of my friends and I doing various stuff.


No game is prefect, and there are plenty of bugs that creap into a game. Here's some that I happened onto during my playtime.


Open world raids are fun, whether you're on offense or defense. Here's some pics of a few I've been in.

Molten Core

Here's a bunch of pics I took on my few months from Molten Core with BBC.

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