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Brent Gustafson Studios

Brent Gustafson Studios is a creative workshop driven to produce exceptional human user experiences, interfaces and visualizations for applications (web, mobile and desktop), kiosks, displays, and interactive installations. Our focus is on how users actually use devices and interpret data and how to best tailor a user interface that promotes understanding. Ease of use, simplification, and attention to detail are our driving principles.

We offer clients expertise in all phases of the design process including Strategy, Information Architecture, User Interface Design and Frontend Development.

About Brent Gustafson

Brent Gustafson is an internationally recognized User Interface Designer and Digital Artist. His online project Assembler.org rose to prominence during the online design scene of the late 1990’s, appearing in numerous books, magazines and exhibitions. He’s also pursued research into video games and alternative gaming concepts, which have been exhibited at various museums and programs around the world.

As the former Senior New Media Designer at the Walker Art Center, Brent has spoken on various art and design topics at events for AIGA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MCN Conference and Museums and the Web Conference, among others.